Whiteboard Starter Kit
Whiteboard Starter Kit

Whiteboard Starter Kit

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The Magiboards whiteboard starter kit provides all of the essential equipment to get you started with your magnetic whiteboard. In... read more »


The Magiboards whiteboard starter kit provides all of the essential equipment to get you started with your magnetic whiteboard. In the box you will receive; 1 x 250ml Magiclean whiteboard cleaning fluid, 4 x dry wipe markers, blue, green, black and red, 1 x magnetic pen tray holder, a magnetic dry wipe eraser and a pack of 10 eraser refills, 5 x 25mm magnets and 3 x micro fibre cloths.

Starter kit includes:

  • 4 x Disposable dry wipe markers (Blue, Black, Red and Green). Storing pens horizontally gives the pens a longer life span. The alcohol content doesn’t move to the base of the pen and, therefore you reduce the risk of ghosting.
  • 1 x Pen tray holder (7.5 (w) x 10 (h) cm). space for 4 dry wipe marker pens. You have the choice of attaching this magnetically or with self adhesive tape. (Both supplied)
  • 5 x 25mm Multi coloured memo magnets (red, green, yellow, blue and black)
  • 1 x Magnetic whiteboard eraser
  • 1 x Pack of 10 eraser refills
  • 1 x 250ml Magiclean whiteboard cleaning fluid
  • 3 x Micro fibre cloths (3 different colours)

The whiteboard starter kit is a great kit to have when purchasing a whiteboard.
Whiteboard starter kit items are also available to purchase separately.

Cleaning your whiteboard

Before using your Magiboard for the first time, wipe it down with a soft damp cloth with luke warm water. Spray the MagiClean board cleaning fluid onto a clean dry soft cloth and wipe the board clean.  Dry the board off with a soft dry cloth.  Repeat as necessary.

We recommend that all boards are cleaned 2 to 3 times a week with Magiclean board cleaner and then wiped with a damp cloth with plain water before being wiped dry with a non abrasive cloth. This will keep your board in pristine condition for many years. Please see our handy ‘cleaning a whiteboard’ video in the tab above.

Magiclean solvent may be used with our printed whiteboards but we recommend that it is used sparingly and not left to dry on printed whiteboards for too long as it may dissolve the ink. We recommend a light spray onto a clean cloth (not saturating the cloth), wiping the marks off the board and using a clean dry cloth immediately after to wipe off any residual cleaner.

Things not to do

DO NOT erase dry marker annotations until the ink has dried, usually after 10-30 seconds. DO NOT use Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner or any other whiteboard cleaner with Magiboards Board eraser or any other board eraser. Both will cause smudging by smearing ink onto the surface, which will be difficult to remove.


Smudging and staining are sometimes referred to as Ghosting. In fact, ghosting is a different phenomenon and nothing to worry about. If your whiteboard is not entirely clean, the alcohol in the dry marker may clean away any contamination on the surface while you write. After erasing the markings the clean path may remain visible as a white ghost-like image of your annotations. This can easily be prevented by making sure that your board surface is properly clean.


Magiboards are here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail: sales@magiboards.com

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Whiteboard Starter Kit

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