Education Notice Boards - MagiShape
Education Notice Boards - MagiShape Education Notice Boards - MagiShapeEducation Notice Boards - MagiShapeEducation Notice Boards - MagiShape

MagiShape Education Notice Boards

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Bring your classroom walls to life with MagiShape Education notice boards. Our MagiShape Education Notice Boards are available in English,... read more »


MagiShape Designer Notice BoardsBring your classroom walls to life with MagiShape Education notice boards. Our MagiShape Education Notice Boards are available in English, Maths and Science themed designs and are available in all 12 of our exciting colours. With these education based designs, you can create fun and interesting wall spaces to engage students and showcase their work.

The education notice boards work equally well on their own as in a row. The square edge means you can butt notice boards together to form one long length.

The Education notice boards are supplied with screws and colour coordinating screw caps as well as a self adhesive tape option where you simply peel back the self adhesive tape on the back of the notice board and fix it to a clean dry smooth surface. No drilling, no mess and super quick!! Choose from the options above and your education notice boards will be supplied with the fixing of your choice.

The ECO friendly notice boards are made from 100% polyester. This makes it the perfect environmentally friendly noticeboard.

MagiShape Education Notice Boards

Education Notice Boards - MagiShape

  • New and innovative notice board range
  • 80 x 90cm as standard width x height
  • Special sizes available on request
  • Usable with hook & loop accessories, push pins and staples
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Excellent pinnable surface
  • ECO Friendly, 100% Recyclable
  • Includes all notice board fixings and instructions
  • Funky notice board

Customers can also opt for their own designer shape notice board. A recent investment in the latest machinery means that Magiboards can produce any custom shape design that you want, at our manufacturing site in Telford, Shropshire. Find out more about creating your own custom shape notice board here.

An ECO Friendly Product

– 65% recycled post consumer waste plastic
– 35% recycled pre consumer waste plastic
– 0% waste material for each panel
– Made from 100% recycled material

We love the planet and this new product and its processes follow best practice through our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

What if I want a different size notice board than the ones you offer?
This is no problem for us to produce. Simply contact customer services to discuss the size you require.

What colours are available for my notice board?
We have a range of 12 colours available for your funky notice board. Colours marked with an asterix are available from April 2019.

How do I attach the notice boards to my wall or surface?
There is a heavy duty tape attached to the back of the board. Simply peel back the oversized liner and stick your notice board to the wall. Make sure that the surface you are using is clean and smooth.

How Eco friendly is this product?
MagiShape is made from 100% recycled material.

Magiboards are here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail:

contact customer services

This product has a lead time of 6 working days

If you need a specific delivery date, please contact customer services who will do their utmost to accommodate you.

Thank you,
The Magiboards Team

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