Magiboards undertakes constant reviews of its packaging and delivery partners. In spite of this, we do experience a very small percentage of products arriving damaged.

Please ensure that you inspect your Magiboards parcel upon delivery. Should you find any visual signs of damage such as torn corners, footprints or dents in the external packaging, please sign for the delivery as damaged. Our delivery teams are on a very tight schedule so please inspect the parcels immediately on arrival.

Occasionally some of our boards can become damaged in transit. If the customer signs for the product as damaged and then lets us know that the board is damaged, they will receive a free replacement.

As a company, we only have a very short period of time within which we can claim against national carriers for damage in transit. Your co-operation is much appreciated.


Items that have been incorrectly ordered can be returned only if these are standard stock items and subject to acceptance of our returns procedure and re-stocking charges and collection fee.

Our range is extensive and most items in the Magiboards range are made to order and not standard stock items. These items cannot be returned after your order has been accepted and production has started. You will be liable for payment of the full value of the accepted order for these items, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Magiboards.

A list of standard stock items is available from Customer Service upon request. It is safest to assume that your items are not returnable and to check with Customer Service before placing your order if you wish to be certain.

For standard stock items, charges for returns are 15% of the price of the product, or £25.00, whichever is greater, plus return carriage charges, collection fee and VAT. To be eligible for a return credit, all products must be in pristine sellable condition and in their original packaging, free of any damages. Returns must be requested within 24 hours of the original receipt of goods and returns are only accepted upon written authorisation by Magiboards. Magiboards will not be responsible for return transit damages. Returns may be rejected by Magiboards after the return due to damages to the product or packaging and in these circumstances we will advise you of this, including a cost to repair the damages or repack the products if possible and these costs do not outweigh the value of the returns.

If you do wish to return one of our products, please contact our Sales / Customer Service staff who are always available on telephone 01952 292111. They will be able to advise you about your request.

We recognize that Consumers have the safeguard of the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which allow for a cooling-off period to cancel goods within 14 days of receipt. Magiboards are a Business to Business supplier and we do not sell to private consumers. As a result the Consumer Contracts Regulations do not apply to purchases from Magiboards.

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