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Maternity Ward Custom Printed WhiteboardAt Magiboards, we understand that Visual Management and more recently Lean Continuous Improvement projects are vital in the smooth running of hospitals and all healthcare sectors. We are committed to creating the best custom visual management solutions that work for you and your team.

Our friendly, in-house graphic design team will help you during your journey of continuous improvement, developing the visual management products you need to run your hospital effectively and safely.

We also offer a huge range of bespoke Healthcare accessories, including special printed magnets in any size and quantity.

Why speak to Magiboards?

  • Our dye sublimation printed whiteboards have no vinyl coverings & offer an easy to clean, germ free, magnetic, dry wipe surface with a 10 year guarantee.
  • We are a proven manufacturer of whiteboards, custom printed whiteboards and Lean Visual industrial stands and cabinets.
  • Our in house graphic designers will work with you and your team, supplying visuals to scale with size dimensions. Proofs can be amended at no additional cost up to final sign off by you and your team.
  • We have a range of accessories to accompany your lean visual boards – magnets, paper holder windows, custom printed magnets in any size and shape.
  • Years of experience working with Healthcare professionals and vast galleries of examples to share with you.

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Types of Whiteboards used in Hospitals


Lean Healthcare Custom Printed WhiteboardLean in Healthcare

Lean Healthcare is the application of “lean” ideas in healthcare facilities to encourage an ongoing system of improvement in communication, processes and health and safety.

Our in-house graphic design team can create all digital proofs for you, and can advise on layouts and sizes.

To view our gallery of custom printed Healthcare whiteboards, please click here.





Healthcare Custom Printed WhiteboardSWAB Whiteboards

SWAB Boards are an essential tool to be used in an operating theatre. At Magiboards, we can design and create SWAB boards that cater to specific operating theatres, as well as general SWAB boards that can cover a wide variety of procedures.

Our in-house graphic design team can create all digital proofs for you, and can advise on layouts and sizes.




Hospital Ward Custom Printed WhiteboardHospital Ward Layout Whiteboards

Ward whiteboards are a great visual tool which can be utilised by both the healthcare professionals and hospital patients.

We can design and create ward whiteboards to suit individual wards, or for an entire hospital or wing, where all the ward whiteboards can be designed to the same theme and specification, making visual communication consistent throughout the hospital between patients and staff.

Our in-house graphic design team can create all digital proofs for you, and can advise on layouts and sizes.

All About Me Communication Custom Printed WhiteboardCommunication Whiteboards

All About Me whiteboards are a fantastic way of communicating with your younger patients. The boards can be designed around any questions, which can open up channels of communication, helping to improve patient care.

Our in-house graphic design team can create all digital proofs for you, and can advise on layouts and sizes.

Hospital Bedhead Custom Printed WhiteboardHospital Bedhead Whiteboards

Bedhead whiteboards can be utilised to provide staff and patients with necessary information regarding the patient. This can help improve staff communication and patient care. Because all of our printed whiteboards are dry wipe, you can easily erase and write notes as required, which is great for the busy and fast pace environment in a hospital.

Our small bedhead boards can be made with an aluminium frame or mounted on a foamex supporting structure. Contact our Customer Service Team to find out more.

Hospital Printed MagnetsPrinted Magnetic Indicators

Magnetic indicators are a crucial tool that are utilised in nearly every aspect of a hospital’s operations, from Ward boards, to Staffing boards and Theatre boards. Magnetic indicators and magnetic accessories help to improve communication in patient care throughout the healthcare sector.

Working with our in-house design team, we can help you create bespoke magnetic indicators at any size to suit your wards, your staff areas, and your theatre rooms, to improve visual communication and to help improve patient care.


Hospital Printed MagnetsThese magnets were used on a simple custom printed A3 whiteboard which was fixed to the patient’s door. The magnets are used by the physio team to show which equipment is needed and how many physios are required.






Hospital Printed MagnetsWe can create any shape magnet, with any print at any size. Contact our Customer Service Team today to create your own custom printed magnetic indicators.

Wingboard Printed WhiteboardConfidentiality Whiteboards

Whiteboards with hinged wings are ideal for areas which are tight on space and also if you need to temporarily hide information from public view. This works great for hospital wards or patient beds when sensitive information may need to be hidden from view. We can supplied our boards with a 30cm confidentiality wing, 1 wing or 2 wings depending on size.

To view our custom printed winged whiteboards, please click here.

Lockable Hospital WhiteboardLockable Whiteboards

Lockable whiteboards are a great tool for displaying information safely, in a tamperproof case. These can be utilised by showing up to date ward practises, health & safety information or staff photos. Your whiteboard can be fitted with 1 or 2 doors, depending on size, and come with 2 locks and keys as standard (expect for 60 x 90cm, which is supplied with one lock and key).

Contact our Customer Service Team today to see how we can help you utilise your lockable whiteboard.





Magnetic Photo HoldersMagnetic Photo Holder are ideal for displaying members of your team on staff notice boards. A simple opening on the holder allows you to change the image with ease should members of your team change. Simply print your own photos and you are totally in control should new staff arrive.

Hospital Whiteboards on Mobile StandsWhiteboards on Mobile Stands

All of our whiteboards can be manufactured with special stands. We have a large range of mobile and fixed stands in our range that be applied to the healthcare sector, such as rotating 3 & 4 sided whiteboards, which are great for reception areas. Our whiteboards on mobile stands can easily be manoeuvred through corridors and wards.

View our entire whiteboards on mobile stands here.

Contact our Customer Service Team today to see how we can help you utilise your lockable whiteboard.

Custom Printed Whiteboards - SCP005How do we print our whiteboards? We use a technique called “Dye Sublimation Printing”

What is dye sublimation printing? Dye sublimation printing is a process whereby a negative of the image is printed onto special transfer paper. The ink is then heated to a gas in a heat transfer press and absorbed into the surface of the magnetic dry wipe board. The graphics are embedded in the whiteboard. This gives huge benefits over other printing methods, such as:

  • High quality print
  • Totally smooth, clean surface
  • Ideal for hospital and hygienic environments, as there is no vinyl overlay to gather germs.
  • Easy to keep clean and offers a longer life span

Contact our Customer Service Team today to learn more about how our Healthcare Bedhead whiteboards.

Magirail Magnetic Whiteboards Sliding Rail System - TC1S02MagiRail – Whiteboards on a Rail System

Magiboards’s MaigRail track system can hang 2 surfaces of magnetic whiteboards, a special flipchart, felt noticeboards and a projection board. Our rail track is comes with all fittings and the track is supplied in lengths of 240cm, which can either be cut down to size or joined together with additional track to create a longer rail system.

To view our MagiRail products, please click here.

Bulletin Notice Boards - Hygienic and Bacteriostatic - NB1A01Bulletin Notice Boards – Hygienic and Bacteriostatic

Bacteriostatic Bulletin Notice Boards are ideal for hospitals and the healthcare sector and all environments where germs are a concern. With an excellent self healing, non crumble pinnable surface, this bulletin notice board has a 25 year surface guarantee. The notice board repels bacteria and dust, and is washable with water.

Available with wood and aluminium frame options.

The product itself is made from renewable raw materials which makes it the perfect environmentally friendly noticeboard.

To view this product, please click here.

Whiteboard Starter KitAccessories

We also offer a array of standard visual communication tools that can be found on our accessories page. Our range includes; paper holder windows, standard magnetic indicators, dry wipe whiteboard marker pens and whiteboard cleaning tools.

Click here to view our Paper Holder Windows.

Click here to view our Magnetic Indicators.

Click here to view our Dry Wipe Whiteboard Marker Pens.

Click here to view our Whiteboard Cleaning products.

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