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Need to put your own design onto a custom printed whiteboard?
YES! Simply send us the size of the board you need, the quantity you want to print and a rough sketch of your design.

Need some ideas to help create your own custom printed whiteboard?
Click on any of the sections above. Each section has many examples of custom printed whiteboards to help you plan yours.


We have kept the ordering process for Custom Printed Whiteboards very simple:

  • Decide which size custom printed whiteboard you need and how many
  • Send us a sketch or pdf of your artwork needs or simply describe what you want in the comments box by clicking on the Quote Me button
  • Magiboards will send you a quote
  • Once ordered, Magiboards will make a PDF proof for you to sign off (or amend) before the whiteboard goes to production
  • Magiboards will make and deliver your custom printed whiteboard to you. Delivery from as little as £4.50 per shipment
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How to Clean a Custom Printed Whiteboard

Magiboards custom printed whiteboard have specially treated surfaces to enable dry erasability of the boards. To ensure longevity of your Magiboards’ whiteboards and to avoid permanent staining, use only Magiboards’ branded accessories on the surface for writing and cleaning.

Cleaning prior to initial use

Your custom printed whiteboard has been manufactured in a factory environment and have been packed in cardboard and other packaging materials. It has most likely been delivered to you via road transport, where it was exposed to exhaust fumes and other contamination. Prior to initial use clean your Magiboards whiteboard as follows:

  • Clean the Magiboards whiteboards surface thoroughly with Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner sprayed onto a soft, clean and dry cloth. Do not spray directly onto the board.
  • Wait for the Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner to completely evaporate and then wipe the board with a soft clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Do not immerse the board or use excessive amounts of water, as water may enter the board core and can cause warping and/or delaminating.
  • Dry the board thoroughly with a soft and clean dry cloth.

Instructions for looking after the surface of your printed whiteboard

1. To prevent spreading the written ink, only wipe when it is completely dry. This is crucial with lacquered and printed boards because the solvents in the ink will cause damage to the board surface.
2. Only remove dry ink with a clean (!) felt, micro fibre cloth or paper wiper suitable for whiteboards.
3. Clean the board daily with cleaning spray to maintain a good erasability.
4. NEVER use cleaning agencies other than specially formulated whiteboard cleaners. Aggressive cleaners like Windolene will cause permanent damage to the board surface.
5. If the wrong type of marker (flipchart marker, permanent marker) is used by accident: immediately clean the board with cleaning spray and a micro fibre cloth. If that doesn’t help, write over the written text with a whiteboard marker until it dissolves. Clean the board with cleaning spray afterwards.
6. NOTE: Some markers, even those of renowned brands, are poorly erased.

Maintenance of your Custom Printed Whiteboard

Your custom printed whiteboard should be cleaned regularly in the same way. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the intensity of use and the time that dry marker ink is left on the board and varies from daily (for high usage),  to weekly (for medium usage, where annotations are left on the board for more than a day), or to monthly (for low usage where markings are erased within a day.) Please avoid wax or greasy substances from coming into contact with your whiteboard surface as this will affect erasability and cause smudging. Make sure your cleaners are aware of these instructions – Pledge is not a suitable board cleaner!

Please be cautious with Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner: it is a very powerful cleaner and when used in abundance it can dissolve the ink in your custom printed board. Only use Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner in small quantities sprayed onto a dry clean and soft cloth and remove it immediately after removing marks and contaminations. Always use lukewarm water after the use of whiteboard cleaner.


If staining or smudging become apparent this is normal and it usually occurs due to ink residue on the surface. Stains are most often due to ink left on the surface for extended periods of time. Contamination can also be caused by exhaust fumes, factory fumes and particles and other airborne contaminations. Air conditioning systems can act as a catalyst for such contaminations.

Usually, stains and smudges can be removed with lukewarm water as described above. For stubborn stains, use Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner. DO NOT use acids or alkalis, solvents, ammonia, general household cleaning products or industrial cleaners; these may contain silicones, abrasives or other compounds that can damage the board. Use of anything other than water or Magiboards whiteboard cleaner will render your surface guarantee invalid.

Only “Dry Wipe” or “Whiteboard” markers should be used on the board. We recommend the use of Magiboards Whiteboard Markers as these are best suited for problem free marking and dry erasing on Magiboards Whiteboards. Some other brands either use too little alcohol as a dry marker solvent (e.g. low odour markers) or too high a dry marker particle content (markers that dispense a lot of ink). These may be more difficult to dry erase, as will markers that come to the end of their life and from which the alcohol has nearly gone. Store whiteboard markers horizontally, or, if necessary, with the tips down. Storing markers upright will cause the alcohol dilution agent to sink to the bottom of the marker and may make it difficult to erase markings.

Things not to do

DO NOT erase dry marker annotations until the ink has dried, usually after 10-30 seconds. DO NOT use Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner or any other whiteboard cleaner with Magiboards Board eraser or any other board eraser. Both will cause smudging by smearing ink onto the surface, which will be difficult to remove.


Smudging and staining are sometimes referred to as Ghosting. In fact, ghosting is a different phenomenon and nothing to worry about. If your whiteboard is not entirely clean, the alcohol in the dry marker may clean away any contamination on the surface while you write. After erasing the markings the clean path may remain visible as a white ghost-like image of your annotations. This can easily be prevented by making sure that your board surface is properly clean.

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