Whiteboards on Stands

All of our whiteboards can be manufactured with special stands. We have a large range of mobile and fixed stands in the range and we produce many bespoke custom size whiteboards on stands. Below you will see some of our standard mobile and fixed whiteboards on stands ranges. For whiteboards on stands with print options please click here.

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The mobile revolving whiteboards are available in all three whiteboard surfaces. The boards revolve through 360 degrees. These mobile revolving whiteboards come in single and double sided options.

Fixed whiteboards on mobile stands are available with two framing options. The first is our standard mobile stand frame. The alternative is our heavy duty 30 x 30 mm profile which comes with heavy duty wheels. This product is ideal for very hard wearing environments.

New this year is a fixed whiteboard on a designer mobile stand. The designer base can be made of magnetic whiteboard or a wood veneer and this mobile stand is ideal for office areas.

The next range is a family of magnetic rotating whiteboards on a fixed circular base. These are triangular whiteboards or short or full length four sided cube whiteboards. Ideal for call centres, lean areas, trade fairs. A super versatile product range. It is possible for us to make the round bases with heavy duty lockable wheels. Alternatively we also manufacture a range of four sided cubes on wheels. These are half or full length and can be supplied with a handy cupboard for storage.

New for 2019 is a range of magnetic whiteboard meeting stations. Again these can be half height or full length. The majority of our whiteboards are all double sided as standard. All stands can be supplied with print options. See the print category here.

Mobile whiteboards with wings, flipcharts and whiteboards on portable tripod easels complete the range shown in this section.

Most of these products have evolved through specials, so please come to us with any specific products you wish to have and we will be happy to help.


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