Designer Notice Boards

Our range of designer notice boards are a fantastic and practical way to decorate your office, home or classroom. These stylish, modern and funky notice boards come in a range of standard shapes including hexagons, circles, speech bubbles and cloud speech bubbles. Or you may opt for something a little more bespoke with our custom shape notice board option. Maybe our Stick & Mix notice boards are more suitable for you which can be arranged in multiple ways creating a fun, decorative and interesting space.

MagiShape Designer Notice Boards                Stick and Mix Notice Boards

There are a choice of notice board styles for you to choose from which come in a variety of colours. All of the designer notice boards are frameless, which transforms empty spaces into creative display areas.

The MagiShape designer notice boards come in 4 standard shapes. These are: hexagons, circles, speech bubbles or cloud speech bubbles. The hexagons, speech bubbles and cloud speech bubble are available in 2 different sizes and the circle has one standard size . If you require a different size, simply contact customer services who will be able to help you.

You might want to design your very own bespoke, custom shape notice board. You simply send us your design and we work with you to create a funky notice board in the shape that you desire. Investing in the latest technology, using CNC cutting techniques, allows us to accurately produce almost any shape that you like. With very few limitations to what shape you would like, we are able to work with you to produce a custom shape notice board.

Or, you may opt for the popular Stick & Mix notice board range. Each box contains 4 frameless notice boards each measuring 30 x 30 cm. Mix box colours to make your own unique design. This is a great way to showcase all your important notices and memories.

Fixing all of these notice boards to a smooth clean surface is very easy. You simply peel back the tape that is already positioned on the board and firmly apply it the surface.

All of the designer notice boards are made with care and to the highest standard. All of our designer notice boards are made in the UK.

As well as designer notice boards, we also have a full range of pinnable felt, hessian and loop nylon notice boards and lockable tamperproof notice boards.


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MagiShape Designer Notice Boards

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Stick & Mix Frameless Designer Notice Boards

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