Notice Boards

The perfect place for pinning ideas, inspiration and handy reminders. With our architecture notice boards, you can create designer wall displays using our standard shape notice boards or create a truly bespoke space with our custom notice boards. Discover our collection filled with everything from Flame Retardant boards to our ECO-friendly range.

Our architecture notice board range encompasses the best in style, design and functionality.

ECO-Friendly Notice Boards

Looking for a more ECO aware home office furniture solution? Our ECO Straight Edge Notice Boards are our most eco-friendly notice board product. Made from 100% recycled material, 65% recycled post-consumer waste plastic and 35% recycled pre-consumer waste plastic. Our ECO notice boards are great for use with push pins and Velcro® accessories and come with a 2-year surface guarantee, the longest surface guarantee we give to our notice boards.


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MagiShape Designer Notice Boards

Are you tired of boring rectangular notice boards? Then MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board is the product for you.

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How to hang your Magiboard

A quick video to show you how easy it is to install Magiboards’ whiteboards and framed noticeboards.

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Introducing Chameleon Frameless Designer Whiteboards

The latest innovation in whiteboards: combining the functionality of a top of the range magnetic enamel whiteboard with the latest in style and panache.

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Stick & Mix Frameless Designer Notice Boards

A spectacular frameless notice board that can be arranged in multiple ways to create a designer space. A great addition to any room.